Jun. 21st, 2014

alixtii: Peter and Valentine Wiggin, from the Ender's Game comic book. (Ender's Game)
Hey there!

I love children's lit because it is so what I call will-to-poweriness or the adolescent fantasy, as I discuss at length in this post from 2006. I'm particularly fond of female protagonists, and female children and teenagers who prove themselves to be the equals (or betters) to adults because they are just that awesome are some of my favorite people to read about, and kid's lit delivers with many great examples.

I have few squicks--I'm fine with character death, BDSM, mpreg, dubcon, noncon, chan, incest--you name it, I'm probably okay with it. Just please no bashing of my favorite characters. Happy, uplifting fics are good, but so are soul-crushingly depressing ones so long as the pairings and characters get to be awesome. Ambivalent fics where we're not sure whether we should cheer or cry are probably best of all. If I didn't like existentialism and pseudo-nihilism in my fic, I wouldn't be a Joss Whedon fan.

You really don't have to worry about ruining my childhood or anything like that.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, The Squad, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, The Neverending Story, Ender's Game, The A.I. Gang )

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