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x. RAH -- World-as-Myth multiverse, Lapus Lazuli Long/Lorelai Lee Long**
x. RS+RAW -- The ILLUMINATUS! Trilogy, Miss Portinari
x. The Neverending Story Trilogy (movies), Bastian Bux/Nicole/Childlike Empress*
x. The Neverending Story (book), Childlike Empress/Xayide
x. FHB -- A Little Princess, Sara Crewe/Becky
x. Ultimate X-Men, Kitty Pryde/Jean Grey/Charles Xavier
x. Ultimate Spiderman, Kitty Pryde/Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson/Jessica Drew
x. Spider-Man <3's Mary Jane, Mary Jane Watson/Gwen Stacey/Liz Allen/Felicia Hardy
x. Spider-Man <3's Mary Jane, Mary Jane Watson/Gwen Stacey/Liz Allen/Lindsay Leighton
x. GBS -- Pygmalion, Eliza Doolittle/Clara Eynsford-Hill
x. GBS -- Man and Superman, Violet Whitfield/Anna Whitfield
x. RPF, Joss Whedon/Summer Glau
x. GO -- Nineteen Eighty-Four, Julia
x. Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?, Carmen Sandiego/the Player*
x. OSC -- Ender's Game, Peter Wiggin/Valentine Wiggin*
x. The Parent Trap (1999), Hallie Parker/Annie James*
x. My Summer of Love, Mona/Tamsin/Phil/Sadie
x. The Truman Show, Truman Burbank/Sylvia
x. The Secret Garden (musical), Mary Lennox/Neville Craven*
x. MT -- Tom Sawyer, Tom Sawyer/Mary/Becky Thatcher
x. WS -- As You Like It, Celia/Rosalind/Touchstone
x. WS -- The Taming of the Shrew, Kate/Bianca
x. Into the Woods, Cinderella/Baker
x. D.E.B.S., Janet
x. RPF - D.E.B.S., Jill Ritchie/Jordana Brewster/Sara Foster
x. Gray Matters, Gray Baldwin/Sam Baldwin/Charlie Kelsey
x. Winter Passing, Reese Holden/Shelly
x. KDW -- Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Emma Jane Perkins/Rebecca Rowena Randall*
x. KDW -- Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Jane Sawyer/Miranda Sawyer
x. Beautiful Girls, Marty/Willy Conway
x. GCW -- The Boxcar Children, Henry/Violet/Jessie
x. Legally Blonde, Elle Woods/Vivian Kensington
x. Brides of Christ, Sister Catherine/Sister Paul
x. Brides of Christ, Rosemary Fitzgerald/Frances Heffernan/Brigid Maloney
x. Brides of Christ, Rosemary Fitzgerald/Lucy Mulcady
x. Sunshine Cleaners, Rose Lorkowski/Nora Lorkowski
x. Sunshine Cleaners RPF, Amy Adams/Emily Blunt
x. Escape to Witch Mountain (1975), Tia/Tony
x. Escape to Witch Mountain (1995), Anna/Danny
x. Race to Witch Mountain (2009), Sara/Seth
x. She's All That, Laney Boggs/Mackenzie Siler
x. She's All That, Mackenzie Siler/Zack Siler
x, RPF - She's All That, Rachel Leigh Cook/Anna Paquin
x. BC -- The A.I. Gang, Roger Philips/Rachel Philips
x. BC -- The A.I. Gang, Wendy Wendell III/Rachel Philips
x. BC -- The A.I. Gang, Wendy Wendell III/Ray Gammany
x. The Man in the Moon (1991), Dani Trant/Maureen Trant
x. Mars Attacks, Taffy Dale/Richie Norris
x. The Black Adder, Princess Leia of Hungary*
x. Small Wonder, Jamie/Harriet/Vicki/Vanessa
x. RPF - The Guild, Felicia Day/Teal Sherer/Michelle Boyd
x. Roswell, Maria DeLuca/Isabel Evans/Liz Parker
x. RPF - Roswell, Shiri Appleby/Majandra Delfino/Katherine Heigl
x. Ghostwriter, Lenni Frazier/Gabriella Fernández/Ghostwriter/Tina Nguyen
x. Arthurian Legend, Guinevere/Mordred
x. The Parent Trap II, Nikki Ferris/Mary Grand
x. Freaks and Geeks, Lindsey Weir/Millie Kentner
x. RPF - Freaks and Geeeks, Linda Cardellini/Sarah Hagan
x. The American President, Sydney Ellen Wade/Lucy Shepherd
x. Boy Meets World, Morgan Matthews
x. The Royal Tenenbaums, Margot Tenenbaum/Richie Tenenbaum
x. She's the Man, Olivia/Viola/Sebastian/Kia
x. Twelve Days of Christmas (song), Narrator/My True Love/Eight Maids-a-Milking/Ten Ladies Dancing
x. Naissance des pieuvres aka Water Lilies, Florianne/Marie
x. The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne Frank/Margot Frank/Otto Frank
x. RPF, Dakota Fanning/Kristen Stewart
x. Tart (2001), Grace Bailey/Eloise Logan/Cat Storm
x. Triple Dog (2009), Chapin/Eve/Liza/Sarah
x. Camp (2003), Vlad Baumann/Ellen Lucas/Jill Simmons/Fritzi Wagner
x. Phineas and Ferb, Vanessa Doofenshmirtz/Candace Flynn/Isabella Garcia-Shapiro/Stacey Hirano
x. The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Ellen Hickle/Nona F. Mecklenberg/Monica
x. The Amanda Show, Penelope Taynt
x. 'Tis Pity She's a Whore, Annabella/Giovanni
x. Gallagher Girls - Ally Carter, Rebecca Baxter/Macy McHenry/Cameron Morgan/Liz Sutton
x. Gallagher Girls - Ally Carter, Abigail Cameron/Rachel Morgan
x. Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson, Uncle Enzo/Hiro Protagonist/Juanita/Y.T.
x. Honor Harrington series - Abigail Hearns/Faith Harrington/James Harrington
x. Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick,
x. Awoken - Serra Elinson, Bree/Chloe Bay/Scarlett Epistola/Andromeda Slate
x. The Squad - Jennifer Barnes, the twins(?)/Lucy(?)/Josh(?)
x. The Squad - Jennifer Barnes, Chloe(?)/Toby Klein
x. Fuzzy Nation - John Scalzi, Jack Holloway/Isabella(?)/Mark Sullivan
x. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - Rachel Cohn & David Levithan, Nick O'Leary/Norah Silverberg/Tris
x. Greek Mythology, Apollo/Artemis/Daphne/Orion
x. Greek Mythology, Appollo/Artemis/Daphne/Eris
X. Interstellar (2014), Amelia Brand/Murphy Copper
X. Scott Pilgrim Vs.the World () RPF, Anna Kendrick/Aubrey Plaza
X. Half-Moon Hollow - Molly Harper, Ophelia Lambert/Georgie Lambert/Gigi Scanlon

*Written for me in Yuletide.
**Written for me in Yuletide as a Yuletide treat.

Request: Robert A. Heinlein - World-as-Myth multiverse (Lapus Lazuli Long/Lorelai Lee Long)
Details: Laz and Lor, pwning the universe and being awesome.

Request: Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson - The ILLUMINATUS! Trilogy (Miss Portinari)
Details: What is it like for a teenaged girl to be the spiritual leader of the Lief Erikson? Show me Miss Portinari being awesome and wise and having fun while she's at it.

Request: The NeverEnding Story Universe (movies) (Bastian Balthazar Bux/Nicole/The Childlike Empress aka Moon Child)
Details: Tell me about these three after the third movie. Stepcest, het, femslash, or even a threesome (or moresome) all would be fine; so would gen, although I'd like to see some sense of Bastian and Nicole as hormonal teenagers.

Request: Michael Ende - The NeverEnding Story (Childlike Empress/Xayide)
Details: The theodicy of Phantásien/Fantasia/Fantastica. What does the Empress think of Xayide and her battle? How do these two interact with each other when they meet? Femslash, whether hatesex or something with more complicated power dynamics, would be awesome here, but so would thoughtful gen.

Request: George Bernard Shaw - Pygmalion (Eliza Doolittle/Clara Eynsford-Hill)
Details: Femslash. I'd especially like to see a look at Clara's fannish existence after she meets H.G. Wells, and her slowly seducing Eliza both into a lesbian relationship and into fandom. Are there any points of connection between the identities of lesbian and science-fiction fan for them in that social context?

Request: George Bernard Shaw - Man and Superman (Violet Whitfield/Anna Whitfield)
Details: A look at the relationship between the Whitfield sisters: how they deal with both their differences and similarities. Incest is strongly encouraged but by no means required; anything that emphasizes the strength of the bond between them will be fine.

Request: RPF - Firefly (Joss Whedon/Summer Glau)
Details: Joss/Summer is my RPF OTP. I understand that the politics of heterosexuality make this pairing rather squicky, and I'd even like that acknowledged, with an element of dirtybadwrong existing side-by-side with the genuinely deep affection and very real lust the two feel for each other. If you absolutely cannot bring yourself to write them as a pairing, a gen fic where the two interact while being their awesome selves would be great too, and I'll bring my 'ship goggles.

Request: George Orwell - Nineteen Eighty-Four (Julia)
Details: What Julia's life is like when Smith isn't around: growing up as a child, as a member of the Anti-Sex League, living in the dormitories, being interrogated after their capture, whatever. Any femslash you could work in would be the icing on the cake.

Request: Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego (tv) (Carmen Sandiego/the Player)
Details: The story of a young girl and an artificial intelligence, of passion and obsession, of love and war, of crime and detection, and of a computer game which is ultimately so much more.

Request: Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game series (Peter Wiggin/Valentine Wiggin)
Details: I'd love to see Peter and Valentine interacting and taking over the world, whether when they are kids before Val leaves Earth or in an AU where Valentine stays for whatever reason. Incest is great, but I bring my own subtext so just seeing them working together will be fine!

Request: The Parent Trap - 1998 movie (Annie James/Hallie Parker)
Details: I'd like to see how Annie and Hallie relate to each other as they grow older and become sexually active. Incest is great, but I bring my own subtext so just seeing them interact will be fine!

Request: My Summer of Love (Mona/Tamsin/Phil/Sadie)
Details: Any permutation(s)--het, femslash, incest, and/or threesome or moresome. Set post-movie, please, unless it's an incest pairing (then you can set it whenever you want). Given the canon, fluffy 'cest probably wouldn't be as appropriate as disturbing and dirtybadwrong.

Request: The Truman Show (Truman Burbank/Sylvia)
Details: Post-movie coda. Happy ending, please.

Request: The Secret Garden (musical) (Dr. Neville Craven/Mary Lennox)
Details: Neville's reflections as Mary passes through adolescence and into adulthood. Romance is encouraged but not required; I'd mostly like to see a (reluctantly?) growing admiration and respect, on the part of both characters.

Request: Mark Twain - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Mary/Rebecca Thatcher/Thomas Sawyer)
Details: Teenaged hormones in overdrive and forbidden passions in antebellum Missouri. Incest or femslash or canon het or threesomes or moresomes are all fine. Adding other characters into the mix (like Huck or Sid) is good too, but I'm not interested in m/m (although m/m/f is fine).

Request: Shakespeare - As You Like It (Celia/Rosalind/Touchstone)
Details: Celia/Rosalind is my Shakespeare OTP, which is perhaps surprising since on other merits AYLI is one of my least favorite Shakespearian plays. I just love their relationship and how 'cesty and femslashy their relationship is, how devoted they are to each other. Feel free to work Touchstone in however feels naturally to you.

Request: Shakespeare - The Taming of the Shrew (Bianca/Kate)
Details: A look at the two sisters' relationship, set at any point in canon. Incest is encouraged, as is BDSM.

Request: D.E.B.S. (Janet)
Details: Anything Janet-centric. I just love Janet and the way Jill Ritchie (guh) brings her to life, and want to see more, gen or femslash or het (I don't think I'd want Janet/Scud broken up just to see her with a different boy, though).

Request: Gray Matters (Gray Baldwin/Sam Baldwin/Charlie Kelsey)
Details: 1.) 'Cesty threesome, or 2.) poly arrangement where Gray and Sam share Charlie without sleeping with each other, or 3.) a fic where Charlie and Sam cheer on Gray as she dates an OFC or crossover character.

Request: Winter Passing (Reese Holden/Shelly)
Details: Um, UST turns into RST? Femslash.

Request: Kate Douglas Wiggin - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Emma Jane Perkins/Rebecca Rowena Randall)
Details: The super-'shippy chapter at the end of New Chronicles of Rebecca notwithstanding, these two are so married to each other. I'd like femslash which emphasizes the way they complement each other. Perhaps futurefic where Rebecca the famous poet travels to Paris with Emma Jane at her side as trusty companion?

Request: Beautiful Girls (Marty/Willy Conway)
Details: Marty turns eighteen.

Request: Arthurian Legend (Guinevere/Mordred)
Details: These two are my Arthurian OTP. It's just so easy to read simmering UST into so many tellings of the legends, especially Malory's or T.H. White's. Please don't woobify Mordred.

Request: The Parent Trap II (Nikki Ferris/Mary Grand)
Details: This movie, like the film to which it is a sequel, is ostensibly a het romance between two adults but is really the love story of two young girls who fight against the odds in order to keep from being separated. I'd love a story where, a few years down the line, the two girls realize their feelings for each other might not be quite "sisterly" (for some reason, stepcest is even a bigger kink for me than regular sibcest is); gen or het which emphasizes the strength of their stepsisterly bond is good too.

Request: The American President (Sydney Ellen Wade/Lucy Shepherd)
Details: The two women getting to know each other, either gen or femslash.

Request: Ghostwriter (Lenni Frazier/Gabriella Fernández/Ghostwriter/Tina Nguyen)
Details: Any femslash pairing. Either a voyeurism/exhibitionism PWP with Ghostwriter watching, or a romantic comedy farce with Ghostwriter acting as go-between (and possibly matchmaker?) for the girls.

Request: Boy Meets World (Morgan Matthews)
Details: Any Morgan-centric piece, gen or het or femslash, which foregrounds the experiences of a character who was so often so obviously an afterthought as far as the show was concerned, to the degree that she once spent an entire season "in her room."

Request: The Royal Tenenbaums (Margot Tenenbaum/Richie Tenenbaum)
Details: Either post-movie fic in which they deal with their feelings for each other, or else fic written during the summer they shared the sleeping bag at the museum. Let them be awesome.

Request: She's the Man (Olivia/Viola/Sebastian/Kia)
Details: I've requested specific characters to make sure you'd generally be able to write my request (I've been burned before by people who've requested "Any"), but I release you from having to write them (all), necessarily (although see addendum below about Kia). What I'd really love is a threesome, either f/f/m or m/m/f or f/f/f (but not m/m/m). 'Cesty threesomes (Olivia/Sebastian/Viola, Duke/Sebastian/Viola, Kia/Sebastian/Viola, etc.) would be especially awesome, but I understand if you'd be uncomfortable writing that; other threesomes (Duke/Sebastian/Olivia, Duke/Olivia/Viola, Olivia/Viola/Kia, etc.) would be awesome too! Bonus points if Kia makes an appearance even if she's not part of the threesome.

Request: The Diary of Anne Frank (Anne Frank/Margot Frank/Otto Frank)
Details: Incest, preferably, either father/daughter or sister/sister or both. If 'cest isn't your thing, anything which focuses on the relationship between the two sisters is okay, too.

Request: 'Tis Pity She's a Whore (Annabella/Giovanni)
Details: A modern high school AU, à la 10 Things I Hate About You, She's the Man, Clueless, Cruel Intentions, etc.
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