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Return of the alphabet-fic meme! I have fics for every letter 'cept for K, X, and Z, which is two more letters filled than last time I did the meme. How I managed to write fic for six years and still never use a title beginning with K, I do not claim to know.

A is for The Art of the Possible (VMars, Veronica/Logan)
B is for Bullshit (RPF, Michelle/Summer)
C is for Camp Camelot (Merlin, OT4)
D is for Divine Interventions (BtVS, Ensemble)
E is for Experience (RPF/Firefly, Jane Espenson/Kaylee)
F is for Fairest of Them All (Firefly/AtS, Lilah/River)
G is for Glories Stream (Dar Williams)
H is for The Hurricane (The 4400, Maia & Kevin/Tess)
I is for In Soviet Russia, Femslash Writes You (RPF, Kristen/Hayden)
J is for Just Skin (BtVS, Amanda/Vi, Faith/Dawn)
K is for ---
L is for Last Day on Earth (Ender's Game, Val & Peter)
M is for My Girlfriend Is a Telepath (XMM, Kitty/Mindee)
N is for Not Quite Queen of the Damned (BtVS/VMars, Ensemble)
O is for On Her Knees (BtVS/AtS, Lilah/Wesley)
P is for Please Have Snow and Mistletoe (BtVS, Dawn/Vi)
Q is for Quartet for Two Voices (BtVS, Giles/Kennedy)
R is for Richard III, Act Two, Scene Three, Line Sixteen (Ender's Game, Val & Peter)
S is for Some Thing to Watch Over Me (T:tSCC, John/Riley/Cameron)
T is for Tomorrow Will Be Dying (Firefly, River/Simon)
U is for Up, Up, and Away (DC, Linda Danvers & Barbara Gordon, Kara Zor-El)
V is for "Vials of Ivory and Coloured Glass, Unstoppered" (XMM, Moira)
W is for WGA vs. Zombies (RPF, Joss & Summer)
X is for ---
Y is for You Just Can't Choose What She's Gonna Do (BtVS/Ats, Faith/Connor/Spike)
Z is for ---

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Date: 2010-01-29 02:24 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] havocthecat
Huh. I may have to try this meme. I'm curious now.

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