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Yuletide is upon us! I received Lead Me on a Merry Chase, a Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? fic which pairs Player and Carmen. While I was originally thinking of Carmen as an A.I., my Yulewriter had the interesting idea of re-considering the cartoon as more of a MMORPG with Carmen being played by another human--out there somewhere. Plus, the fic takes the chance to do some interesting things with disability, since we never actually see Player walk (or do anything other than sit in front of a computer, really). But most importantly, the fic captures that flirtiness between Player and Carmen which interested me in the pairing in the first place and spin it out into a full femslash relationship.

I wrote two stories of larger than 1,000 words. It's possible I might still write some treats before Madness closes, but at this point I'm beginning to doubt it.

If anyone is interested in guessing which stories I wrote, comments are screened. I may or may not provide prizes to those who correctly guess. If you leave a comment which is not a guess, I'll unscreen it immediately unless you specifically tell me not to.

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