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I was cleaning my room and I came across a couple of "lost" pages from To Live in Hearts the fic in my Watcher!verse which really shifts the universe in several major ways (including the death of Buffy, the beginning of Faith/Kennedy, and the first steps towards Dawn/Giles). I wanted to type them up and decided to post them here, since it seems unlikely (but not impossible!) that the entire fic will ever be written.

Kennedy left the confessional of Fr. Marcus' office with a contemplative yet relaxed expression, as if the sacrament's promise of absolution had indeed taken a burden off her shoulders.


"There's no indication as of yet that they've uncovered Madelyn's location, but members of the Jhe sisterhood have been found within Cleveland," Fr. Marcus informed them.

"How many?" Faith asked.

The Slayer--a freshman named Maurissa--shrugged. "Tammy and me, we only saw two, but the Jhe, they're like cockroaches; you got one, you've got an infestation."

"Which isn't necessarily indicative of anything," Fr. Marcus pointed out. "It's the Hellmouth during an apocalypse. We should be surprised if the Sisterhood didn't have a presence here right now."

"So what do we do to wipe them out?"

"Nothing," answered Maurissa automatically.

Kennedy sighed. "Why were they asking for advice on how to save the world from a fourteen-year-old in a plaid skirt again, anyway. "Faith? Father?"

"Look," Maurissa interjected, "any coordinated effort to counter the Sisterhood is going to have them wonder why the sudden focus on Cleveland. You've be giving away your hand."

Of course, sometimes the fourteen-year-old in the plaid skirt made the kind of sense that's hard to argue with. "So we're helpless here?

"We'll kill them off as we find them, same as vamps," Faith offered. "But we can't lose track of the fact that our main objective here has to be defensive."

Kennedy nodded with some reluctance. Faith reached across and took her hand in hers. "Look Ken, I know we all got a bad case of cabin fever here--most of all Madelyn herself. But we just gotta trust B' to be able to take care of her end."

"Yeah," agreed Kennedy, not letting go of Faith's hand. "Okay."

"Hey," offered Faith, "how about I leave a couple of the girls behind tonight to watch Madelyn and you come out to patrol with me to kill things together? It'll do wonders for your spirits."

Ken smiled. "Sounds fun."


"You come in from the right and I'll go after them from the left. Got it?"

"Got it," Kennedy agreed. She paused. "Faith?"

Faith turned back to her. "Yeah, Ken?"

Kennedy kissed her.

"I was wondering when you would get around to that," Faith said when the kiss was over. "Now let's kick some Jhe ass."

"To Live In Hearts"

Date: 2016-06-20 08:37 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] silencer7
Please, Alixtii, I ask respectfully, most respectfully for more, specifically for more about this- and further stories in this wonderful line... especially in regards to stories like this one. I love the relationship between Kennedy and Father Marcus, and ask you to please add in some pictures if you have them of the characters, if not, that's fine too.
I also most humbly request that this gets posted on AO3 as well as here, and on any other sites you can in relationship to this one as well.
I ask this as a delighted fan requesting more of his favorite kind of story- and yes, from the way Kennedy's behaving in the beginning, it looks to me as if yes, she did make mention of all her sins, and intend to change her ways- also, that's *Well Way Beyond* my realm of rights to know, especially if she's a real person, or would be in this life.
Beautiful Story, please more of this, Alixtii, and please post it also on AO3 and also a post on Fanfiction[dot]nettttt (deliberately misspelled}.
Sincerely your fan;
P.S. This was immense fun to read!

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