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So I missed the six-year anniversary of my LJ on Sunday because I was busy at [ profile] minimerlin on Sunday morning and early afternoon and then after I got home I crashed and made up some of the sleep I didn't get over the course of the weekend, what with not staying at the hotel and all. Guys, I slept for seventeen hours. I mean, some of the hours were heavier than others--I remember checking my alarm clock and/or computer at several different points over the night--but I did not leave my bed, did not turn on the lights, did not actually go on my computer, only rarely even opened my eyes.

In other words, [ profile] minimerlin 2011 was the blast that [ profile] minimerlin always is and I love you all that were there (or at previous years) and helped make it that way! I'm looking forward to 2012 already.

While I was too busy to celebrate my LJ anniversary on Sunday, apparently [personal profile] tinypinkmouse wasn't, because that's when she posted an audiofic of my fic Road to Emmaus (Firefly, Book, gen)--doubly appropriate since we're less than two weeks from Resurrection Sunday itself.
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I don't really know what to say about [ profile] minimerlin 2010, other than it was awesome and I had a blast. As someone or other commented, it's really more of a big sleepover than a con, which multiplies rather than diminishes the awesome. For those interested, here's the sequence of events as I experienced them:
  • Arrival at con.
  • Episode watching.
  • Introductions.
  • Dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant.
  • Vid show, part I.
  • Intoxication.

  • Saturday:
  • Re-arrival at con. (Remember, I commuted.)
  • Quiet discussion as people trickled into the con suite.
  • Free water ice!
  • Cheesesteaks.
  • Milkshakes!
  • The liberty bell. The National Parks agent totally put felt!Merlin into the crack of the liberty bell. [ profile] ras_elased has pictures.
  • Stopping at Independence Hall so [personal profile] agentanachronism could film something.
  • Triumpant return to hotel.
  • More quiet discussion.
  • The drinking totally didn't begin until like a half hour later than it did last year.
  • Pizza arrived at 6.
  • Vid show, part 2.
  • Merlin trivia game. Our team lost by one point in overtime (?).
  • Merlin RPF Hollywood Squares, which should probably be have been scheduled for a point in the con when we were a little more sober. Or not, because as it was it was sorta hilarious. I played ASH.
  • Reading porn out loud. There wasn't nearly enough of this, IMO.
  • There was a lot of wandering from room to room at this point.
  • Hanging out in the consuite after most of the con went to bed.
  • Return to New Jersey.

  • Sunday:
  • Arrival in Philadelphia early enough to catch the early mass at Christ Church Philadelphia. Score!
  • Re-arrival at the con.
  • Hanging out in the consuite waiting for people to wake up and prepare for their day.
  • Lunch!
  • Goodbyes.

But really, the point isn't so much what we were doing (getting drunk, mostly) as with whom we were doing it (awesome fangirls). I wouldn't document semi-private discussions even if I could, but conversation tended to flow through more or less the regular fannish topics I had a lot of great discussions with a lot of different people (you know who you are). Again: big sleepover. With fangirls. Awesomeness.

Only this time with the added bonus of seeing people I'd met before in meatspace, but hadn't seen in a year. (I hadn't remembered how [personal profile] agentanachronism had gotten onto my flist--other than through awesomeness--in the first place until suddenly she walked into the consuite and a couple of things clicked into place.) It's surprising just how vivid my memories of fangirl interactions--both last year's MiniMerlin and WriterCon--are when usually I can't remember a face for the life of me. Maybe it's an effect of not having to divert all my energy into simply overcoming social anxiety.

I'm going to be catching up on sleep for the rest of the week, though.
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There are new things under the sun.

I've posted before about how all the hits on Google for "Cuckoocest" were for me, or for "Marscest" were either me or Ari. (For that matter, the fact that all the hits for "Alixtii" are me is itself worthy of note.) I like to google for other phrases that may or may well be uniquely mine, and find out whether they are. As of right now, "cest goggles" is only said by me (although of course many journals aren't indexed).

There are a number of people--although unsurprisingly, most of them are on LJ, ranging from people on my flist to ones I've never heard of before--talking about unabbreviated "incest gogles," though.

Apropos of nothing, you know that you don't have to wait for Yuletide to write one of my Yuletide requests for me. Well, apropos of the fact that I've been updating that list recently, I guess. I'm really sort of intrigued by just how clear a picture of my narrative kinks that list creates for me. It's a little disturbing, actually, but hey, I own my kinks, so it's all good.

And of course I have eight months to decide which four of those prompts I actually want to submit to Yuletide.

Two Notes

Jan. 8th, 2010 11:37 am
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1.My character tag at the Archive of Our Own. (I don't believe you need my permission to write RPF about me, but you certainly have my blessing. Just don't out me if you know my legal persona.)

2. SCC 1x02 strongly implies that Derek and Cameron come from the same future (the date that Cameron provides for Judgment Day is the combination for the safe). Thus, in the future that Derek comes from, John doesn't skip any years. (Presumably, in the future Jessie comes from, he does.) In short, Timelines B and C are the same.

That would mean any appearance of Cameron in Derek's flashbacks would be an appearance of our Cameron, and the differences between the future of, say, "Dungeons and Dragons" and T3 would be the same as between Cameron's future and T3--the main difference we know of being the date of Judgment Day. (I'm not quite sure I understand the mechanics of T3, though--at first glance it looks like a causality loop, but on further looks it become clear that history is being changed, although I'm not sure what it's being changed from--so it might be better to just ignore it altogether.) Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything problematic about this (other than one would expect his and Jessie's timelines to be more wildly divergent, but we already have weird parallelism existing between timelines: Judgment Day itself, of course, but also the fact that Cameron and Jessie both remember the conversation about Jessie's unborn child despite both coming from different timelines) or any detail to contradict the theory. Can anyone else?
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I have some media which I have not yet consumed (in the sense of "watched once"), and I'm not sure which to watch first. So I thought I'd throw the question onto the wisdom of the flist.

Poll #1477 What should Alixtii watch?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 15

What should Alixtii watch?

View Answers

Ultraviolet (UK) Disc 1
5 (33.3%)

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Disc 1
1 (6.7%)

Dead Like Me Season 1 Disc 2
2 (13.3%)

Neil Gaiman reading the Graveyard Book (free online streaming)
0 (0.0%)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)
3 (20.0%)

Synecdoche, NY
0 (0.0%)

Hard Candy
0 (0.0%)

Merlin (UK) Season 2 so far
3 (20.0%)

something else streamable through Netflix and/or Hulu
1 (6.7%)

What should Alixtii watch after that?

View Answers

Ultraviolet (UK) Disc 1
1 (6.7%)

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Disc 1
3 (20.0%)

Dead Like Me Season 1 Disc 2
1 (6.7%)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)
3 (20.0%)

Synecdoche, NY
1 (6.7%)

Hard Candy
0 (0.0%)

Merlin (UK) Season 2 so far
1 (6.7%)

something else streamable through Netflix and/or Hulu
3 (20.0%)

Neil Gaiman reading the Graveyard Book (free online streaming)
2 (13.3%)

If you have a suggestion for something to stream through Netflix and/or Hulu, write it here.

ETA: And I just realized that Stargate SG-1 Season 8 is up on Hulu finally, so that's in the running too now. Which is a good thing, because I think it's been over a year since I saw "The Lost City, Parts 1 and 2" for the first time.
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Know what I just realized? spoilers for SCC season finale )

In other news, I finally booked my plane tickets for [ profile] writercon. $179. Not bad. (Especially since I'll be reimbursed. Which reminds me, I still need to look into arranging my volunteer work to pay off the scholarship.) My plane leaves Philly at like 6:30, though, which means I'd need to get to the airport by like 5. Blech.

It will, however, be the first time I'll leave the time zone without leaving the country (and, for that matter, the continent). I've never been any meaningful distance west--Colgate is probably as far west as I've been. Well, actually the Abbey of the Genesee, I guess, which I visited while I was at Colgate and is west of it.

Speaking of meeting up with fans, I met up with a bunch of fangirls, most of them MiniMerlin alums, at Central Park on Saturday. We had a blast, pretty much just hanging out and talking and playing a party game. I continue to be amazed at just how easy and stress-free social interaction with other fangirls is. All of my normal social anxiety pretty much just disappears, because I'm free to be myself.

Why can't I be surrounded by fangirls all the time? *pouts*

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Four years ago on this date, I created my LJ.

For some of the greatest hits of the Trad√ęscan Codex, see last year's LJ-versary post. For a comprehensive fannish biography of Alixtii O'Krul V, see my Fanlore user page.

For four years, this LJ has been an integral part of my life. Some of you I've even known longer than that, whether from the time I was reading LJ before creating a journal of my own, from the time I spent at or the City of Angel boards, or offline in high school or college. ([ profile] ladyphoenixmage still wins the award, though, since I've known her over half my life.) I love you all and I thank you sincerely for bringing me so much porn joy these last four years. Here's for another four and beyond, whether here on LJ or on some other vehicle.

I do plan on getting a Dreamwidth account at the end of the month. This promises to be a time of heavy turmoil for me in my personal life, though, so I'm not sure how I'm going to use it. If I have the time, I'd like to create a filter on LJ for mutually friended friends who haven't navigated over so I can still read flocked posts, then read everyone else from over there while crossposting. But I might be forced to stay put out of necessity.

I've been spending some time lately re-reading some of the great chaptered fics I've encountered during my time in fandom, so I'm going to use this space for recs. These are all at least moderately long, plotty, and fun, with healthy helpings of the will-to-power. Some are pulpish with occasional lapses into OOC-ness; others really are deathless prose. They all always reward a re-read for me, though, so I thought I'd share the list as part of the anniversary celebrations. A lot of these count as classics, or at least should, but it's possible that not everybody knows about all of them.

the list )

Today's also Good Friday, so here's a link to my Good Friday ficlet "Mystery." And here's the audiofic version.
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je suis loser )

So I spent the weekend doing MiniMerlin in Philly. Registration was just $20, and it was right there in Philly so I didn't have to pay for the hotel, so, yeah. $20 + $5 a day for the Speedline, to spend the weeking with thirty-something (that's quantity, not age) squeeing fangirls = Best. Deal. Ever.

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

My Notebook

Feb. 6th, 2009 12:19 am
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The thing about notebooking is that it's so frakking easy to lose the notebook. Especially me.

I'm still mad at myself for losing the notebook which held in it the second part to The Eyes of Love, which is part of the reason why I still haven't gone on to reconstruct it and/or write a totally new second half.

Anyway, I was in a Borders Express in the mall the other night, and they had a 90% shelf.

Ninety frakking percent. (I seem to be using the word "frakking" a lot tonight.) As in, move the decimal place one place to the left and you get the new price.

Over the course of three different purchases, I spent nearly twenty dollars on almost two hundred dollars worth of books. They were mostly various "classics" for about a half-dollar each after discounts, although I did pick up Deathly Hallows for $3.50 (I have audiobooks, from undisclosed sources, of 1-6, but not 7), and a few other random books:

new books! )

It says "random books," but they're really the 16 books I bought the other day (although admittedly, it's a pretty random bunch even for so many of them being "classics"); I played with the code to change the content, but I'm not sure how to change the header.

But where I'm going with all this is, after the first of my three purchases, I found myself bringing my bag of brand new classics (well, you know what I mean) back to my car . . . and realized I wasn't carrying my notebook.

So I went to the bench where I had actually been doing the notebooking, and it wasn't there. And I glanced in the bookstore as I passed it in the mall and looked at the 90% off shelf. 'Twasn't there.

Which meant I was going to have to ask the cashier and--hello, social anxiety.

But I mustered my courage and went in, and they had my notebook, which is good because otherwise 44 handwritten pages (well, less than that, some of them were written in the mall after that exchange) of what is supposed to be Riley/Cameron would have joined the conclusion of "The Eyes of Love" in oblivion.

Yes, I said what is supposed to be Riley/Cameron. It isn't, or at least not yet, although I still hold out hope. The thing I've found that I like notebooking is that I'm not rushing to the conclusion so I can have a whole story completed and can posted, that I can take my time, let the story linger. There's no rush; I can take it slow, letting the characters do what they need to do naturally and organically. This allowed The Art of the Possible, which I notebooked last semester, to grow to be, at around 7,000 words, my third-longest completed story, after School of Lost Souls and of course my novella Divine Interventions, both relatively recent works. I think that added length helped me add substance I wouldn't have been able to if it had been 1,000 words, even if I didn't always quite know where I was going with it as I wrote it.

The frustrating thing about notebooking is that I can take it slow, letting the characters do what they need to do naturally and organically. I've written 44 pages and Riley has only just admitted to herself that maybe she finds Cameron hot. I swear, if they don't start having sex by the end of the scene I'm currently on, I;m not letting them out of the room until they do. John and Riley, on the other hand, have done wonders towards repairing their relationship, and I don't even particularly like that pairing. Oh, well. I am hoping to get it to John/Riley/Cameron eventually.
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So after my dad fell into the lake, my brother (who had been standing on the ice wearing sneakers) went back with him into the house; this was when I made the phone post. Eventually he came back out to spend time with me on the ice as we waited for his girlfriend to show up, and at last we decided it was worth the effort of having to untie and re-tie my skates to wait for her in the house, and I made myself a cup of tea.

She did finally show up eventually, and then my brother put on my dad's skates (which had been cleaned and dried after having fallen into the lake with my father), and the three of us went out again. Only the sun had gone, and while there was enough light to see, pond ice isn't exactly perfectly smooth and not being able to see the branches or soda bottles jutting out of the ice, or just random bumpy ice, made the whole process a lot more difficult. Still, we stayed out there until about 6:30pm, so I spent a good four hours at least on the ice today, which is a lot, I think.

I got these skates as a Christmas present . . . in 2002, when I was a freshman at Colgate. The couple of people on my flist who remember Colgate in '02-'03 might remember they put up an outside skating rink in Whitnall field that year, but I never used it, and actually the tags were still on the skates when I took them out of the box today. Which means I haven't gone ice skating since I was in high school. It all came back pretty quickly, though.

. . .

The [ profile] 3_ships reveal has happened; it turns out, unsurprisingly, that the beautiful Epiphany story Many Magi was written for me by Ari. I wrote You Just Can't Choose What She's Gonna Do, which is Connor/Faith/Spike post-apocalyptic babyfic, and Spectres of Hope, which is S5 Wesley being transported by Illyria (post-"Time Bomb") back to revisit a S2 Wes/Cordy/Gunn night.

This means I've now written two stories with Connor in them, the aforementioned "YJCCWSGD" and my Angel/Ender's Game crossover Makes Three. Which means I need to update my character index to make an entry for Connor. I think I'm going to put that off until Monday, though. All of the indices have been updated otherwise to include the two new fics, though.

As far as I can tell, I still only have one fic written with Gunn in it, which is one fic more than I had last month.
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Once nice thing about having celebrated my birthday yesterday is that my flist is now scattered with people referencing me in the same breath as [ profile] synecdochic. It's a heady experience.

Today is Epiphany, though, and a lovely story was written for me in [ profile] 3_ships that I'm claiming as an extra birthday present. It's Many Magi, and it's the Epiphany story retold using the Firefly crew, with Simon/Kaylee/River to boot, told from Mal's POV with some exquisite existential angst.

I have two fics in the [ profile] 3_ships archive. If you want to guess which ones they are, you can do so here. Comments are screened; comments which aren't guesses will be unscreened.
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I closed my eyes, just for a few seconds, at 11:20 p.m. last night . . . and opened them at 12:30 a.m. this morning, Jan. 1, year of our Lord two thousand and nine.

Oh, well. Happy New Years, flist.
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Gah. I'm home with the 'rents, and I'm so tempted to just go to bed. Anybody else out there waiting until midnight (E.S.T.)? I'm sooo bored. Leave me prompts and I'll write you drabbles, or play cliff/shag/marry with me, or whatever.

Here's a notebooked snippet I found while cleaning my room today:

"I'd cliff Adam Baldwin, shag Summer Glau, and marry Jewel Staite," Amanda said. "Or maybe I'd marry Summer and shag Jewel. I'm not sure."
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Three out of four down!

I uploaded my [ profile] prettylightsfic last night; I love RPF so much, you guys. I look forward to the archive going live, too; I can never figure out whether to expect people to be able to identify which story I wrote or not. Plus RPF written for me!

Plus there's fic(s) in the [ profile] yuletide archive written by me, of course. What's been going on in terms of comments has actually been quite interesting, and I'm not sure what to make of it, though I'd be perfectly willing to trade in "interesting" for another "wins yuletide" of the Requiem at Reichenbach sort. Everything I've written has at least one comment on it now, though, which is reassuring. And there's definitely still something to be proud of in being #33 to upload back in November.

And of course there's my Catchallthon fic, The Art of the Possible. I've been wanting to say something about it for awhile, but in the chaos (Hail Eris!) leading up to Christmas I never got the chance. I offered to write VMars since that's one of my fandoms, but of course when I got matched up the request was Logan/Veronica, which is so not my pairing, cf. this post where I wish Logan were a Cylon or even this one where I fantasize about a show sans Logan or Dick. I always believed the pairing in canon, though, dysfunctional as it was, even if I wasn't all that fond of the two of them together, so I just had to manage the balance between the dysfunction and the romance in such a way that I could be true to both the spirit of the request and to my muse. It wouldn't be fluffy long-term OTP happy ever after, but I didn't have any reason to necessarily think my recipient required that, so long as I respected the pairing. There's a line between recognizing the dysfunction and bashing, and at the end of the day it's not even all that fine of one.

As usually happens, I think the extra challenge made for a better fic.

So I had a structure: Veronica and Logan reunite in a one-night stand which recognizes what they had as real but also necessarily impermanent. The first draft of the fic had this happening not only in the context of Logan/Hannah, but also Mac/Veronica (they had a kiss in the very first section), but the latter pairing just made everything needlessly complicated in that I would have to sell not just one but two infidelities. The finished fic as written still has rather strong Veronica/Mac overtones, though, I think. If I were to write a sequel, I'm actually not sure where to take the story next--to a Logan/Hannah/Veronica threesome, or to Veronica/Mac femslash.

I did put in as much continuity porn as I could--not just the Logan/Hannah, but also making Lauren Sinclair a major character.

The Veronica-in-politics idea has been one I've been playing with for a while now. I might still write it in its original form: an AU where Cassidy Casablancas is a crooked POTUS, Mac is First Lady, and Veronica's the VP.

Oh well. In any case, I need to finish my 3_ships fic(s) by midnight tomorrow.
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So I'm off to receive The Bishop's Touch--if I don't boil to death in my two-piece suit first.
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The local public library called. My ILL order is in. Based on what I've recently ordered, it's either this book ) or this one ). Either way, exciting!


Apr. 10th, 2008 11:21 pm
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This journal is three years old today.

To say the same thing in slightly different words, three years ago today, I created this journal. Before I go on, let me recognize that this journal would be nothing without the people reading it. You all read it for slightly different purposes; some people are here for the fic, some for the meta. Some have know me offline and God bless you for scrolling through all the fannish content.

Let's trace the history:

YEAR MINUS ONE: Alixtii O'Krul, a junior in college, posts his first fanfic at the first scene of Windows of My Soul. Other works follow.

YEAR ZERO: At some point--and I'm not sure if this was in Year Zero or Year Minus One, Alixtii begins to read around LiveJournal, following favorite authors like [ profile] likeadeuce and [ profile] hjcallipygian. Using [ profile] hjcallipygian's flist--including the [ profile] su_herald--as his own and his base of operations, he reads fic and follows meta discussions, leaving signed anonymous comments all over the place, so that people come to recognize him. [ profile] wisdomeagle, who is not on [ profile] hjcallipygian's flist, gets bookmarked as a regular reading stop as well.

Alixtii travels to London, where his following LJ is reduced to the time in the FSU center's computer lab. He still manages to learn about the death of Andrea Dworkin and mourn her on LJ. Derrida dies too, but I don't remember anything LJ-related.

Alixtii: Year One )

YEAR TWO: Alixtii graduates from college. He writes more fic. He picks up more fandoms.

YEAR THREE: Alixtii is baptized. As a Christian, he goes on to explain why the Bible says incest fic is okay.

OTW is founded. Strikethrough2007 happens. Alixtii organizes the Cross-Gen/Incest Porn Battle! and the (first annual?) 'Cest-a-thon!.

YEAR FOUR: Alixtii makes a long boring post summing up the history of his LJ ending in a self-referential sentence.
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It always amuses me to watch people kneel to an empty tabernacle.

. . .

Other than that, I still don't have much to say; there's no ficlet (yet; maybe next year, but I doubt I'm going to have inspiration in the next two hours for this year) for Holy Thursday and I can't say I'm feeling particularly spiritual. Hopefully I'll get to watch Jesus Christ Superstar tomorrow to fix that. I was thinking I might make a post about why I find that musical so spiritually fulfilling, but I don't think I'll have the time or energy to make the post.

I will be seeing [ profile] ladyphoenixmage tomorrow, though, so yay about that! And I'll get to give her back her comics trades (a couple of New X-Mens, Morrison run, trades that really aren't worth my buying since their Cuckoo content is minimal but which I was glad I got to read) which makes me happy because it makes me uncomfortable having responsibility for them.

. . . I forgot to ask her if she wanted anything in return. Well, I'll just show up with what I think she'd be interested in. Astonishing, probably.

. . .

Fic rec: Phallocentric, by [ profile] mmmchelle. SGA, John/Rodney. Rodney can't let John suck his dick, because it's a phallocentric sex act which means their sexuality has been warped by the patriarchy. Or not.

I love how these characters (their fanonical versions, at least) lend themselves so well to this sort of meta-point-making fic. Porn (well, the lead up to offscreen porn, at least) in defense of porn, slash in defense of slash--what's better than that?

Hail Eris.

Feb. 13th, 2008 08:36 pm
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I was just approached by a Campus Crusade for Christ member who wanted me to take a "survey." We only talked for about five minutes, but I did my best to blow her mind as much as I could in that period--I certainly succeeded in monopolizing the conversation and derailing her script completely. I gave a very abbreviated version of my religious journey. I gave a quick summary of Discordianism and, being a bad Discordian, attempted to articulate a logic behind it. I talked about the connections between my Christianity and my Discordianism and my relationship with Goddess. I pulled out the Leonardo Boff quote (you guys know the one, right? I had this laptop out, so I just typed "leonardo boff alixtii" into Google) about the interrelationships of the concepts of experience, faith, and belief. She gave me a pamphlet (she was supposed to keep it and just walk me through it, but again, the completely derailed script--she skipped two questions entirely) entitled "Would You Like to Know God Personally?" which I'll enjoy sporking when I'm particularly bored one day.

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