Jul. 3rd, 2014 03:53 pm
alixtii: Jerin carrying Odelia, from the cover of A Brother's Price. (Brother's Price)
So I'm working on the antepenultimate chapter of Where the Heart Is and I just found out that Côte d’Ivoire is in the northern hemisphere.

I went back over the previously posted chapters and I don't think I actually wrote anything incorrect. The 2nd sentence of the fic says "the very notion of a White Christmas seems more than a little alien" but that'd still be true no matter what.

But, still. Obviously with a fic like this one worries about being unintentionally appropriative--or at least more so than the source canon itself commits one to--but it never occurred to me that I might put a country in the wrong frakking hemisphere.

Oh, well. Disaster averted.
alixtii: Peter and Valentine Wiggin, from the Ender's Game comic book. (Ender's Game)
At long last, Chapter 5 of "Where the Heart Is" is up!

Where the Heart Is (11813 words) by Alixtii
Chapters: 5/8
Fandom: Folgers Holiday Commercial (2009), Folgerscest - Fandom, Original Work, Ghost Soup Infidel Blue
Relationships: Brother/Sister, Folgerscest
Summary: After spending five years in West Africa, a young man returns home to the United States for the holidays. But sometimes home isn't a place so much as it is a person.

Containing ice skating, a traumatic head injury, a dream sequence, a walk in the park, a meal at a fancy French restaurant, and hot car sex!

( Where the Heart Is, 5/8 )

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