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The first chapter of my sequel to Where the Heart IS!

Fandom: Folgers Holiday Commercial
Relationships: Luke Matthews/Lexie Matthews, Luke Matthews/Lexie Matthews/Gwen Matthews
Timeline: April 2015, about five years after Where the Heart Is.
Summary: Luke and Lexie return home for the funeral of their paternal grandmother. Some things are different than when they left.

( Where They Have to Take You In )
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The penultimate chapter of "Where the Heart Is," complete with the climax everybody's been waiting for (myself most especially)! Whew. Took me long enough. (Remember this fic was supposed to be written for Yuletide 2013.) Now I just need to finish the denoument/conclusion . . . and then I can start thinking about sequels/prequels.

Where the Heart Is (17979 words) by Alixtii
Chapter: 7/8
Fandom: Folgers Holiday Commercial (2009), Folgerscest - Fandom, Original Work, Ghost Soup Infidel Blue RPF
Relationship: Brother/Sister, Folgerscest
Summary: After spending five years in West Africa, a young man returns home to the United States for the holidays. But sometimes home isn't a place so much as it is a person.

The awkward morning after Gwen's drunken proposition. Then, a formalwear New Year's Eve party, and Lexie finally makes her decision.

( Where the Heart Is, 7/8 )
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The antepenultimate chapter of "Where the Heart Is"! I was hoping to have the entire thing finished before this year's Yuletide assignments were sent out. I . . . don't think that's going to happen.

Where the Heart Is (15423 words) by Alixtii
Chapters: 6/8
Fandom: Folgers Holiday Commercial (2009), Folgerscest - Fandom, Original Work, Ghost Soup Infidel Blue
Relationships: Brother/Sister, Folgerscest
Summary: After spending five years in West Africa, a young man returns home to the United States for the holidays. But sometimes home isn't a place so much as it is a person.

Luke and Lexie go to the Hendersons' New Years Eve Eve party. But so does Gwen, and drama ensues.

( Where the Heart Is, 6/8 )
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I left a comment on the Yuletide fandom promotion post advertising Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. I'd also like to promote the other two fandoms I plan on nominating, The Illuminatus! Trilogy and That Guy With the Glasses, but I really don't have the least clue how to go about it. They're not easy fandoms to explain, exactly.

(All three fandoms are ones I made requests for last year, so my Dear Yulewriter Letter ought to be pretty easy to write this year. And whatever won't get written will qualify for the Some Day My Fic Will Come Challenge.)

In the meantime, I'm making last-minute edits to my [community profile] fic_corner story. Stories are supposed to go live tomorrow, but there's still one participant who hasn't yet gotten a fic written for them, so if you can write something for Dreamdark series - Laini Taylor, Snow Eyes series - Stephanie A. Smith, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun | A Certain Scientific Railgun, or Ultra Maniac then go here; if you can write for Dark Is Rising Sequence – Susan Cooper then go here.

Looking at the fandoms, it looks like the [community profile] fic_corner story written for me will be either Ender's Game or The A.I. Gang both of which would be awesome.

I had hoped to have completely finished Where the Heart Is by the time Yuletide assignments went out, but that's looking unlikely at this point. Although the antepenultimate chapter is mostly finished at this point, so hopefully I will get a chance to post it at least sometime in the next few weeks. I really do love those wacky incestuous kids. The sequel Where They Have to Take You In and prequel "One's Birthplace, Ratified by Memory" mostly just exist in my brain at this point. As does quite a bit of MCU fic, including a bunch of genderswap fic (Stephanie/Coulson, Toni/Natasha, Clint/girl!Thor) as well as sequels to The Caged Birds (including Coulson/Darcy, Tony/Pepper/Jane, and Bruce/Natasha fics).
alixtii: Peter and Valentine Wiggin, from the Ender's Game comic book. (Ender's Game)
At long last, Chapter 5 of "Where the Heart Is" is up!

Where the Heart Is (11813 words) by Alixtii
Chapters: 5/8
Fandom: Folgers Holiday Commercial (2009), Folgerscest - Fandom, Original Work, Ghost Soup Infidel Blue
Relationships: Brother/Sister, Folgerscest
Summary: After spending five years in West Africa, a young man returns home to the United States for the holidays. But sometimes home isn't a place so much as it is a person.

Containing ice skating, a traumatic head injury, a dream sequence, a walk in the park, a meal at a fancy French restaurant, and hot car sex!

( Where the Heart Is, 5/8 )
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So for Yuletide 2013, I wrote two fics. My main assignment was Where the Heart Is (Folgerscest) for [ profile] take_liberties, and I wrote Eternal Recurrence (Avalon High) as a treat for [ profile] amathela

I got the idea for "Where the Heart Is" during last year's Yuletide, and desperately wanted to receive the Folgerscest assignment this year because I knew my idea was too ambitious for me to undertake it without being assigned it. Even as it was, I was forced to scale it back somewhat and only posted three chapters, hoping they could stand alone as a somewhat self-contained unit. My recipient did express interest in reading more when I completed it, though, so even before reveals happened I posted the fourth chapter, which is one of my favorites, and at this point I fully plan on writing the full eight chapters my original idea called for.

As of this writing, I have over 7K words posted to AO3, which if I may say so myself is pretty impressive considering the source canon is about 45 seconds long.

My original idea for "Where the Heart Is" was pretty simple: what if the brother had been away in West Africa for several years instead of months, and what if he asked his sister to go back to Africa with him? Percolating in my mind for a year meant that many little details began to develop and enrich the original premise, and I knew I would have enough material to fill eight chapters, one covering each of the eight days from Christmas Day to New Years Day. This became even more true as I began writing: the cousin Gwen, for example, was a relatively late addition, inspired by the Gwen Stacey debacle.

As I was preparing my sign-ups and reading letters, I was preparing possible fics I could write, any one of which I could write as a main assignment and/or a treat. I wanted to write Folgerscest as my main assignment desperately, but I had several different fic ideas in different fandoms ready to write: a Cinderella genderfuck piece, a Little Mermaid f/f fix-it, a Honor Harrington casefile, a Belle/Aurora college AU, etc. Many of these are started and may be completed at some future point. 

One fic I more or less finished even before assignments went out, however, was "Eternal Recurrence." I enjoyed the Disney Channel movie Avalon High just as much as r [ profile] amathela did, and wanted to see more fanfic for much the same reasons. In particular, though, I shipped Allie/Jen, because I'm a femslasher and Arthur/Gwen is already canon. So one night at work an idea for a fic came to mind, and by the time I got home I had it pretty much all worked out in my head, from the use of the toy lightsaber to slice a watermelon to the game of truth and dare around the campfire. I immediately typed it all up (sans the flashback, which I filled in right before the deadline) when I got home, and then put it on the back-burner as I continued to work on "Where the Heart Is" and my other treat ideas. 

I'd be interested in writing a continuation of "Eternal Recurrence," too, where Allie and Jen really need to come to terms with being married in a past life and in which Nina Mallory (briefly mentioned in my fic) is revealed to indeed be Nimue, but I'm definitely going to focus on finishing the expanded version of "Where the Heart Is" first. 

Where the Heart Is (7194 words) for [ profile] take_liberties
by Alixtii

Chapters: 4/8
Fandom: Folgers Holiday Commercial (2009) and Folgerscest - Fandom
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Brother/Sister, folgerscest
Characters: Brother - Character, Sister, Father, Mother, Original Characters, Semi-Original Characters - Character
Additional Tags: Sibling Incest, Brother-Sister Relationships, Cousins, Homecoming, Leaving Home, Present Tense, POV Third Person Limited, Christmas, Christmas Morning, Christmas Presents, Christmas Dinner, Holidays, Family Drama, Dysfunctional Family, Family Secrets, Secret Relationship, Forbidden Love, Hetcest, yuleporn, Het, Folgerscest - Freeform, Shower Sex, Bathroom Sex, Television Watching, Watching Movies Together, Romance, Bathing/Washing, Difficult Decisions, Parent-Child Relationship, Cousin-Cousin Relationship, Yuletide 2013, Coffee, Card Games, United States, West Africa, Slow Build, Skype, Male Friendship, Old Friends, Reuniting with Friends, Poker, Rummy, Roman Catholicism, Catholic Guilt, Catholic Characters, POV Male Character, POV: Brother


After spending five years in West Africa, a young man returns home to the United States for the holidays. But sometimes home isn't a place so much as it is a person.

Eternal Recurrence
(1220 words) for [ profile] amathela
by Alixtii

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Avalon High (2010)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Allie Pennington/Will Wagner, Lance Benwick/Jen, Allie Pennington/Jen, Guinevere/Arthur Pendragon, Guinevere/Lancelot du Lac
Characters: Allie Pennington, Will Wagner, Miles (Avalon High), Lance Benwick, Jen (Avalon High), Arthur Pendragon, Guinevere (Arthurian)
Additional Tags: Truth or Dare, Campfires, Watermelons, Past Lives, Underage Drinking, Kissing, POV Female Character, POV Third Person Limited, Past Tense, Plastic Lightsaber Toy, Excalibur, First Kiss


A campfire, a six-pack, a watermelon, a game, and two first kisses.

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So they turned The Taming of the Shrew into 10 Things I Hate About You (of which I am so not a fan, even despite the presence of the gorgeous Larissa Oleynik), and Twelfth Night into She's the Man (which is sublime).

Am I the only person who thinks what the world really needs is a high school AU version of 'Tis Pity She's a Whore?
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So this post by [personal profile] havocthecat implies that Sanctuary fandom is big on incest? Now, I'm a fan of both 'cest fic and Sanctuary but for some reason the idea of the two together surprised me, and I began to figure out just how many 'cest combinations were possible in that fandom (although of couse, only one has to catch on--the most plausible striking me as Druitt/Ashley). There's actually more than I realized at first (at first, I could only think of Helen/Ashley): two father/daughter pairings, one mother/daughter, one brother/sister, and one grandfather/granddaughter. Unless there's more I'm just not thinking of?

Still doesn't really speak to me, though.
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Title: The Whipping Girl
Fandom: Ender's Game
Pairing: Peter/Valentine
Rating: Very much NWS.
Summary: He loves her for her martyrdom.
Author's Note: This is a rewrite of a fic which was posted to a porn battle which has since been deleted. I can't find my backup, so I rewrote the whole thing, fleshing it out and adding some extra pr0n. Be warned; this is pretty dark.

( The Whipping Girl )
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I was catching up on the recent xkcd comics, and there's a Peter/Valentine strip! Okay, not particularly 'cesty in and of itself, but I love those two whenever they're together, so squee.
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The flist seems to be a flurry about Kings, and about how awesome the characters are. The characters being discussed, however, are almost always male. Also, the femslashy portion of my flist has been fairly silent.

This does not make me want to watch Kings.

However, one of the characters the flist is a-squee about is the prince, Jack. And I know from the promos there is a princess who is David's het love interest. The chances that these characters, the prince and the princess, could be brother and sister seems reasonably good.

This does make me want to watch Kings.

(Also, the promo seemed will-to-powery. But I saw the promo in a movie theatre, and then when I realized it was for a TV series, I was disappointed. Because I wanted there to be two or three hours of obstacles and then at the end for the guy to get the girl. I don't think I'm interested enough for a TV show. Unless there could be incest.)

ETA: The fact that apparently their mother is the Borg Queen might be enough to push me over the edge.

Meme x 15

Jan. 25th, 2009 08:40 pm
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Pick up to 15 OTPs.
Describe them in 15 words or less.
Have your flist guess the OTP.

1. Pedal photography with an exhibition at the Tate; better bring a book. [RPF -- Joss/Summer -- guessed by [ profile] wisdomeagle]
2. Nativity's transposition, two forked roads, meets again with money and mathematics. Jealousy ebbs, equilibrium restored. [Veronica Mars -- Mac/Madison -- guessed by [ profile] wisdomeagle]
3. Sentences flow together, as do selves in bodies stripped bare to times, possibilities. Hook shop?
4. With harboring metal, OT3. Innocence heals old wounds, restores faith, likes to frak. [Firefly -- Mal/Kaylee(/Serenity) -- guessed by [ profile] wisdomeagle]
5. Complements, conqueror and nurturer: all the world, save one brother, falls at their feet.
6. Omnipotence and omniscience, innocence and experience, cape and chair: both can self-destruct quite well. [DC Comics -- Supergirl/Oracle -- guessed by [ profile] wisdomeagle]
7. Out of poetry fashioned she him; he remade himself; forever is a long time. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- Spike/Drusilla -- guessed by [ profile] wisdomeagle]
8. Man and metal, not brother or sister, but still 'cesty enough for me. [Sarah Connor Chronicles -- John/Cameron -- guessed by [ profile] wisdomeagle]
9. She'd do anything for her, but she's not alone. Never partner, just quirky assistant, alas. [Veronica Mars -- Veronica/Mac -- guessed by [ profile] wisdomeagle]
10. A madwoman, irresistable, and her caretaker. The future underestimates their love.
11. Former hostage, employed: trusted to watch, kill on betrayal (but doesn't, out of spite). [Astonishing X-Men -- Kitty/Emma -- guessed by [ profile] wisdomeagle]
12. New canon (boo!) wrecks old OTP, gives new one. No need for ursine ingestion, though.
13. Cooler than red-haired true love, but just a fling--'til David's star arrives in school?
14. Age too young for chaos, girl too young to dance; absence breeds madness.
15. School visit leads to playing hooky, and a return to brother's bed, broken. [Firefly -- Simon/River -- guessed by [ profile] wisdomeagle]
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Title: Sibling Revelries
Fandom: X-Men comicsverse
Pairing: Celeste/Mindee/Phoebe
Rating: Extremely NWS
Warning/Disclaimer: This fic has artistic value (as I believe all fanfic and fanart does) and is thus, in my opinion, allowed under LJ's TOS. It may, however, be illegal to read in Australia. Read at your own risk.
Timeline/Spoilers: Post-Gifted, pre-Phoenix Endsong. Spoilers for the Morrison run.
Summary: The Three-in-One makes love to itself. PWP.
A/N: Thanks to [ profile] tacky_tramp for the beta.

Sibling Revelries )
alixtii: Peter and Susan, in extreme close-up. (incest)

There is no fic (or, fandom being fandom, there probably is) in which Buffy masturbates about no one in particular, gets off, and is satisfied. There is no conflict, no interest for anyone but Buffy. It's fun to visualize, yes, but to write about?

This is how I've felt every time I sat down to write Cuckoocest. There is a scene in Time Enough for Love in which Laz and Lor, who are both clones of Lazarus Long in every respect except for being xx instead of xy, claim that a sex act between the three of them would be masturbation, not incest. I don't think Lazarus ever really believed that claim, despite ultimately giving into the twins' demands. (No man can resist Laz and Lor.)

But the Cuckoos are not only clones of each other (using the term "clone" loosely, as Marvel does; it's unclear how much genetic material they share with each other or with Emma), they are telepathic with  each other, often demonstrating a hive mind. Cuckoocest--the Five- or Four- or Three-in-One having sex with itself--is masturbation in a way that normal incest or even clonecest is clearly not.

It's clearly psychoanalytic: Cuckoocest allows for a sexual unification which is at one, quite literally, Self and Other. It is sexual energy directed inward, but at the same time directed at a separate body.

This particular psychoanalytic setup is unique to telepathic 'cest--other than the Cuckoos, the only siblings eligible for this that I can think of off the top of my head are the Witch Mountain kids (either the original or the remake, the latter of which much more explicitly sexualizes the sister)--but the overall setup applies to most 'cest kinks, I think. 'Cesty romance represents an ideal of intimacy assumed to be unreachable by normal romance. Again, I think there is something rather psychoanalytic about that (rather frelled-up) assumption: wives are for lusting after, sisters are for loving, and 'cest is a reunion of the two roles in an overcoming of the whore/madonna dichotomy.

But I like fluffy 'cest. And you might have noticed that I can't write fluff. I enjoy reading it sometimes, but my mind shuts down when I try to write; my main attempts are good fics but not quite in the 'shippy way they were intended to be. I made them work by shifting the focus away from the relationship itself to something else.

There are pairings which, from their canon characterizations, could never be comfortable with their 'cestasticness: Marscest and most brands of Summerscest fit here, I think. But there are also fics where the taboo would be less strongly felt: Laz/Lor (which is basically canon), Annie/Hallie, Cuckoocest, Val/Ender (Val/Peter would be unhappy but for reasons other than the 'cestiness). And while there is much pleasure brought to me by imagining their 'cest, I can't find a way to write about it.

. . .

I notebooked the above passage on the train yesterday. Then I went on to write 200+ words of Annie/Hallie, which I just posted (after making a new offline backup of my LJ, just in case), and about a thousand words of Cuckoocest. The Cuckoocest is PWP; I'm still convinced that it must be PWP, because of the always-already nature of the pairing. No plot is possible. I don't think it is (I hope it isn't) just many many pages of anatomical description; I did my best to capitalize upon the tension between Self and Other discussed above. If someone wants to beta it for me, however, I'd be much obliged; not only because I'm not sure it worked, but also because I'm not a girl, and I think we've well established that femslash is about--perhaps not lesbian sex as such, but--female sexuality in a way that m/m slash is not about male sexuality.

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Title: Le Retour à  la Mère
Fandom: The Parent Trap (1998)
Pairing: Hallie/Annie (Big surprise there. What did you expect, Chessy/Meredith?)
Rating: NWS
Warning/Disclaimer: This fic has artistic value (as I believe all fanfic and fanart does) and is thus, in my opinion, allowed under LJ's TOS. It may, however, be illegal to read in Australia. Read at your own risk.
Word Count: 200+
Timeline: Shortly after the movie.
Summary: Hallie has no intention of sleeping in a different bed than her sister.

Le Retour à la Mère )
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T1 was a causality loop.

T2 showed it was possible to change history in the Terminator universe.

T3 (which I liked) was another causality loop, and the spoilers start here. )

. . .

In some ways, my stepsibcest kink (Gordy, The Neverending Story III, The Parent Trap II) is even stronger than my biosibcest kink (Time Enough for Love, Ender's Game). The Parent Trap is wonderful in that it plays to both kinks at once. This is all a way of introducing the fact that, even though a bunch of my flist is already shipping Sarah/Cameron and that makes perfect sense to me, there was never any doubt in my mind that I'd be shipping John/Cameron (and I'd assumed the show would be, too).

I've been happy with the way the relationship is developing so far (no surprises, but some really nice moments) and am looking forward to see more with it, as they become more intimate on a number of (sometimes conflicting) levels. I really sort of want to read and/or write a actually sort of spoilerish )

Actually, I want fic in general. I'm sure the comms and everything are already set up. *goes to find them*

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