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Consider a Box, T, intersecting a Circle, O Heinlein's World-as-Myth multiverse. I don't want to spoil the crossover if you can't figure it out from the title--although I will say I positively squeed when I realized who Lib was talking to--but even before the crossover happens this is a wonderful piece, with a great use of the canonical voices and characters, the fun self-indulgence of Heinlein's later work, biting satire, and delicious meta. It helps that the author grounds it in the Cambridge, Mass. of our world or a close analogue--it's the little details that really make the story.

Cartograpy, A Little Princess. A missing scene from Ram Dass's POV which does many things--fills in backstory, provides insight into the perspective of a minor character (and a character of color) from the story, and evokes a wonderfully appropriate mood--but does everything naturally and organically.

Silver Bells and Cockle Shells, The Secret Garden. Mary/Dickon. Some beautiful imagery: Her Garden. Dickon. They are linked for Mary, just like the secret room and Colin, the nursery and Martha, long strands of pearls and her mother's fading face. Mary is associative by nature; she remembers in pairs, in groups, and Dickon cannot be separated by her dotted landscapes, cannot be removed from crocus bulbs and the smell of freshly turned earth.

If Only for Today, Ultimate Spider-Man. Jessica and Peter spend Christmas together. Remember how I've been wanting a fic like this ever since I read Ultimate Clone Saga? Nice supporting roles from May, MJ, and clone!Gwen too.

I'll take it, it'll do, Arcadia. Preserving the Thomasina/Septimus OTP is really all that's needed for me to fall in love with an Arcadia fic, but this has a premise I haven't seen before which lets the author go to new places with the characters. And now I'm envisioning a Thomasina played by Amanda Seyfried, and there's no bad there.

Warmth out of the Cold, Matilda, Matilda/Miss Honey. Brief but sweet.

just one look and now you'll be seeing double, High School Musical RPF. Zac E./Vanessa H./Ashley T. I've never seen HSM, and I only have the vaguest notion of who these people are (I gave last initials because I'm not positive what their last names are); if you gave a photo of all three of them I think I could tell you which is which, because if I'm not mistaken one is a blonde, one is a brunette, and one is a boy. But young love and a m/f/f threesome is never bad.

Sapphism is Catching, The Importance of Being Earnest. A very brief treat, but the prose is perfect for the fandom.


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It took me forever to remember that Vanessa is the brunette and Ashley the blonde, but I totally enjoy [ profile] pirateygoodness' fics and picspams (she being basically my only exposure to HSM/Zanessa Tisdale -- Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale).

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